Running an x16 card and x1 card at the same time


I am using an avermedia video capture hard in my PCIe x1 slot on my MSI motherboard. I use this card to record xbox 360 game footage through avermedia's recording program. I also have a Radeon HD 6950 in my PCIe x16 2.0 slot for game playing like Guild Wars 2.

The problem i'm running into is this. I boot up my CPU and i open up gpu-z. It shows my bus interface is PCIe 2.0 x 16 @x1 2.0. I open the avermedia recorder software and it works fine and detects my xbox input in HDMI. But when i load up GW2 to play, my FPS is around 8 and its obvious that my video card is running at x1 as well.

Why can't I run my video card at x8 or x16 to play GW2 even when the avermedia software is closed and my xbox is off?

When i remove my avermedia PCIe x1 card, gpu-z shows its running at x8 and i run GW2 at 60 fps, but then when i open up the recording in the avermedia software it freezes when it tries to detect the xbox input.

What is the problem here? Does only 1 PCIe slot activate at boot up? I'm on W7 64 bit. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. anyone? i know some of you out there are much smarter than me with this stuff. do i need to clarify something?
  2. hmmm this is interesting....what motherboard do you have? are there other x16 slots to try and put the capture card into to see if things change?
  3. it's an MSI p55-GD65. and yes, i've tried both x16 slots.
  4. one thing you can try is flashing the mobo to the latest BIOS...maybe there is a bug in this one that causes this.
  5. The graphics card should be in the top PCI-Ex16 slot. With no other cards installed, GPU-Z *should* report the card running at x16. Specifications for your board clearly states the two PCI-Ex16 slots should run at x16/x0 for a single card solution and x8/x8 with two cards installed.

    Assuming your graphics card is installed in the top PCI-Ex16 slot, what slot are you using for your AVerMedia card?

    -Wolf sends
  6. it is in the top wolf. the avermedia card is just a pcie x1 slot card.
  7. OK. If you're AverMedia card is in the top PCI-Ex1 slot and the graphics card is installed just below, there is likely some issue with the motherboard. At this point, I'd test to see what happens if the AverMedia card is installed in in the PCI-Ex4 slot as well as the bottom PCI-Ex16 slot.

    I'd also look at Drums' suggestion about looking for an updated BIOS.

    -Wolf sends
  8. yeah, i think i might just upgrade my cpu/mobo as the 1156 socket is done anyway. i also read that the msi board i have was defective but i'm well past the date.
  9. did you try updating the BIOS?
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