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HP Switchable Graphics Driver Problems

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
September 26, 2012 4:07:02 AM

Hello, I recently purchased (used) an HP Pavilion dv6-6135dx notebook, which comes equipped with an AMD Radeon HD 6750m as well as a Radeon HD 6620g, which automatically (in theory) takes over when the laptop is unplugged to save power. While configuring a game, I noticed that the display adapter it was defaulting to was the 6620g. Knowing this to be the inferior card, I tried to change it, but the other card did not even appear in the list. (I was plugged in at the time.) Immediately I went to device manager and updated the drivers for the 6750 and rebooted. However, this had no effect on the preferred card and when I disabled the 6620 to force a change, the card went into non-accelerated mode and displayed a driver error message. I decided to do a manual install from the AMD website rather than trusting Windows to get it right. After navigating to the driver download for my model, I found this:
which significantly stated that the driver was not compatible with laptops with switchable graphics and that I should get the proper drivers from my laptop manufacturer.
On the hp page for my model's drivers,
under the video display setting, there are three downloads. I tried each of them, and each merely installs an AMD catalyst installer which in turn installs drivers for each card, presumably from AMD, not HP. The upshot of this is that now both of my video cards are running unaccelerated, and I have no idea where to get the proper drivers for the switchable graphics setup in my laptop. I don't care if I only get a driver for one of them and have to disable the other, I don't care if I get a driver from 2009, I just want a working driver that allows me to use the card as intended, and I would like to thank you all in advance just for taking the time to read this.
September 26, 2012 4:18:53 AM

additional information...
since I got the laptop used I do not have the driver disk to get the original drivers.
I am using this as a desktop replacement so if I can only get the 6750m driver that would be fine by me, although obviously I would prefer for it to switch contextually as intended.
September 28, 2012 12:07:11 AM

good luck getting any answers, but..............

Nothing other than the Orig Manaufacturer drivers seem to work, however maybe you can try out either one of these (after you make a full image backup) and see if the new AMD enduro has any effect.

AMD site

Leshcat site (this is some out of the box russian guy that mods drivers)

As far as I been told both drivers seem to be simuliar.

I have a AMD 7690M XT gpu and this Intel 3000 crap, I am waiting on AMD myself to see how they fix this mess with switchable graphics. I have't tried either driver yet myself so I can't say 100% they will work. But so far from others they seem to be holding up, remember they are both beta how ever.

Your other option is to get HP's last posted switchable drivers for your make of laptop, try going to the HP site and enter your machine and use the "automatic" updater, it may find the right HP driver for you.

A last resort could be to requet a set of install disks for your machine from HP, ie original OEM install disks, which run around 20 bucks. And just restore the whole thing as factory, only thing is you'd need to re do all you other stuff after that.