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I am posting this thread here as i need some help with my new upgrade choice.

AMD Setup:

Gigabyte AM3+ 990FXA-UD5 - 159Eruos

AMD AM3 Piledriver FX-8350 for 200Euros

Corsair H70 - 79 Euros

TOTAL = 438 Euros

Intel Setup:

Asrock Extreme 4 Z77 - 144 Euros

Intel Core i5 3570K - 209 Euros

Corsair H70 - 76 Euros

TOTAL = 429 Euros

Bear in mind that i already have the following components in which to use with the new setup:

Thermaltake M5 Mid-Tower Case
Thermaltake 800W Toughpower PSU
2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
6 x SATA2/3 HDD's
1 x Optical SATA Drive.
EVGA Nvidia GTX550Ti 1GB VGA Card

N.B: The new setups can both be bought locally from my country, Malta. Therefore i wont have any problems with warranty/RMA etc etc.

Which setup should i go for?
AMD or Intel?

Thank You.
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  1. I would go with the Intel setup but change the motherboard to an asus or a gigabyte board if possible. And which ever system you decide make sure you get the intel corsair H70 since it's 3 Euros cheaper lol.
    You'll get what you pay for and the intel's are WAY out in front with performance and price right now.
  2. maybe go with a hyper 212 since it gives similar performance for cheaper
  3. There's nothing wrong with the ASRock if it's a good deal for you price wise. Absolutely love mine and have had Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI over the years.

    Also recommend getting an Evo or other air cooler over a water loop unless you pay big money for one.
  4. whats wrong with the Asrock mobo suteck? i've had loads of ASUS boards in the past but the two recent ones i had were an X58 ROG and a P6T and both of them broke after 9 months. I've had two AsRock ones since then.
  5. I have had a couple in the past and I only got l little over a years use from them. I heard the new boards when the 2nd generation intel chip boards came out were now "quality enthusiasts boards". So when I built one for a friend with the i5 2500K, 8 gigs of ram and so on I thought I'd try again with the good prices and all, but again, disappointment. There seems to be a problem with the boards not wanting to turn on. I thought maybe it was the Thermaltake Armor case so I looked up things on the internet and found, sadly, it turns out to be a problem with that particular asrock motherboard. So I bought an Asus board and replaced it and so far have not had any issues. You notice I didn't trash the asrock brand? Maybe I just have bad luck with them so I don't recommend them when asked and I will never use them again. That's my sob story and the reason behind my firm belief they're not to be used. Hope it helps.

    And why have you had 2 asrock boards since then? Just new builds and upgrades or did you have problems with them? How long did you have each before you changed it out? Was it over a year, two? lol Just asking
  6. I had 2 builds... i had a problem with one of them but that was after 2 years of serious use and overclocking. Hmmmm i'm thinking of going gigabyte or even ASUS again.
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