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Hi guys, I needed some help diagnosing a problem with my pic. I'm currently running...
Whats in the Case.
Intel Core I-7 920
G-Skill 6gb 3-2Gb sticks
GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard
SAPPHIRE 100251SR Radeon HD 4870 X2
Os- Vista Ultimate

My case is a Xclio Wind Tunnel. Now I recently got a new case because this old one was too much a hassle. So I disassembled and reassembled in my new case(Thermaltake level 10gt) the computer turned on then I say shut off but seemed like it died before the vista startup screen. Now when I power it on... It turns on and then straight off. Seems like a psu issue but I thought I'd ask to make sure. Thanks for any help. :)
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  1. The biggest possibility is the cable not plugged properly..
    Check your all cable from your psu to your mobo , and reseat it..
  2. Yea, I thought so too. I tried it earlier and nothing :(
  3. okay, then you can self check your psu..

    you can use paper clip to do this..

    then find the 20/24 pin connector that's supposedly used to connect to your motherboard. Ignore the extra 4 pins that's with the 24 pin power supplies. In the 20 pin block, find the green wire. There's only one. There are two black ground cables beside it.

    it will make your psu run without motherboard..and you can check, whether problem persistent..

    if it work then try once more again to connect your psu to your motherboard..
  4. Tested the psu with a tester and its not up to par. So I did upgrade it to a modular psu. However I do believe I figured out what was wrong with it not staying on. I attempted to boot the pic up with the mobo on a nonconductive surface. In this are a wood table. Stayed on till my graphics card I believe overheated then shut off. Now to see if I can get it in my case. :-/
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