Sound card - do i or dont i???

im in the process of upgrading my comp

i have just got the new vid (64MBDDR GF2 GTS Pro) new CPU (amd athlonXP 1600) and Mobo (Asus A7A-266) and i was wondering wether i should stick to the onboard sound (6 channel i think) or spend up to $80AUS on sound card.

My choices for sound card would be Hercules MuseXL or soundblaster live!

the soundb;aster live is slightly more expensive but aw well. if there r any other sound cards u recommend plez tell me.

so do i stick with the onboard sound or go for sperate card???

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  1. Do you consider high quality sound to be important, and do you plan to hookup four to 5 speakers to your computer, If you answer yes to both questions, get a PCI soundcard to go with it. Either The SoundBlaster Live 5.1 series or the Philips Acoustic series will do. (Hint, if you plan on upgrading to XP, get the soundblaster series, as this is the most supported for this OS, if you stick with 98/ME, either card will do. If you are not a highquality sound guy, and the current sound has served you enough, wait awhile for the prices to go down and stick with your integrated solution.

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  2. <font color=red>HERE IS A VERRY GOOD AND NOT TO MUCH MONEY<font color=red>
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  3. ycs, when will you learn to stop blindly posting links?

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  4. Don't know that particular mobo, but in my experience, all onboard sound cards are pretty poor. Doesn't seem to matter what chipset they use either. Integrated anything tends to be the cheapest option (video, sound, modem, NIC...)

    Try using headphones and you'll see what I mean. It's like getting an audio representation of all the electrons whizzing around the mobo.
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