Sager NP9370 Windows cannot complete installation!!!

I'm very disappointed in what is going on and I need someone's guidance as to how I should fix this problem...

I go to install Windows 7 and all of a sudden it says... “Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer’s hardware”.

I've tried using the big G search engine and I come across the support page from Windows. I already tried installing the driver from Intel's website that deals with 4K sectored hard disk drives under RAID configuration. I'm about ready to find the nearest bridge and jump! (jk)

The Sager NP9370's specs built from xoticpc...

GTX 680M
750GB x 2 (Seagate Momentus XT 750GB SSHD)
16GB 1600MHz RAM
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  1. I'd call the distributor first, then Sager. I'm assuming you bought this without windows installed in the first place?

    If that's not an option, are the HDDs in a RAID? If so, did you do the "F6 to load a storage driver" thing during Windows install and load the correct one?
  2. J_E_D_70 I'm glad you came for assistance! I've tried installing drivers this way...

    I inserted my Windows 7 CD into the drive and booted it up. After that I waited for the dull gray bar to fully load up. Next, the colorful Windows 7 menu came up and had the "next, next, next, I agree" stuff I went through. After that, I had to select a partition. I set the two SSHDs in RAID 0, so theres only ONE partition. I expanded the options below the storage selection screen and clicked on load driver. I installed the 64-bit Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver into my Windows 7 64-bit based system hoping it would work, but no luck.

    I'll try the way you explained here, it may work.
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