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Unknown intel processor :( plz help me :(

guyz i downloaded pop t2t from torrent installed everythin perfectly !!

but when i run the game , it says unknown intel pentium (r) II processor detected!

i tried to change the compatibility mode to service pack 3, but still it dint worked :(

i also tried to change the no of cpu's by changing the process affinity !! still nothin worked plz help me

i have a dell inspiron n5010
3 gb ram
intel(r) hd graphics v8.15.2622
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  1. Ahhh, had to look that one up.

    prince of persia the two thrones

    That's called piracy and not allowed on this forum.
  2. atleast help me..

    i havent violated any of UR rulez

    wats d use if u dotn help instead start telling wat is just n wat is not
  3. Best answer

    Don't...Ask for help pirating, cracking passwords, or bypassing copyright protection


    Violations - It violates the Tom's Hardware Rules of Conduct if you engage in any of the following activity

    Promote or encourage activity which is illegal, such as hacking, cracking, scamming.
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  5. Best answer selected. This information is correct- do not ask for help with any pirated software.

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