1000$ Silent Gaming PC

Would you recommend changing anything? note: I already have a HDD and SDD so no worries on that.

AsRock Z77 Extreme3 Motherboard

i5-3570k Intel processor

CM HAF 922 Case

HD Radeon 7950 Gigabyte GPU

Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO or Corsair H100 (great sale right now)

G.Skill RipJaws X Series 2 x 4 GB

Corsair HX Series 750w PSU

Yes, I know its more that 1000$ but I'm buying thins when they're on sale to keep the cost down.

Thank you!!!
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  1. sounds awesome!!!
  2. This is pretty much the exact layout I'm planning on getting, except I'm going with a coolmaster extreme case, and a GTX 670 instead of the ATI. Oh, and 8GB RAM instead of 16. Currently, for gaming, anything over 8 is a waste, but go for it! :)
  3. Ouch, I meant 2x4 for a total of 8GB

    Thanks though!
  4. Not terribly silent, but it will be pretty quiet if you tune the CPU and GPU fan profiles.
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