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Good day,

I have a server and 10 computers and a photocopy/fax/scanner machine.

I would like to setup the network without internet access.

Should i use IP Address , Sub for the Server ?

Then every individual computer will be assigned (0.3,0.4 ...onwards)

The photocopy machine is set at

Will all computers be able to connect to server for the files sharing?

The server is XP Pro, but some computers are Windows 7 Home, some are XP.

Thank you very much.
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  1. Oh i have a 16 port Switch.
  2. The network address and subnet mask decide the number of computers on the network. A class C address like the one you have chosen allows you to have 254 devices in the same network (because and are reserved addresses). So since you have only 11 devices a class C network address would be more than enough. Finally, from a networking perspective, all devices on the same network should be able to communicate and share data regardless of the operating system as long as they are using the same protocols (TCP/IP, File and printer sharing for MS networks ...)
  3. Nauts said:

    Will all computers be able to connect to server for the files sharing?


    I would avoid using While it's a perfectly valid IP address, should you later decide to introduce internet access, the x.x.x.1 address is commonly assigned to the router (by convention). Not a huge deal, you may end up having to change the entire IP scheme anyway, but I personally would recommend reserving it.

    And I would avoid using Homegroups for sharing purposes since those are only supported under Windows 7. Just stick w/ traditional file sharing, which is compatible under all modern Windows OSes, even Linux.
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