New Build won't turn on.

Hey i'm helping my friend build his first gaming PC (i've already built a few) and we can't seem to power it on. For some reason the power switch isn't working. I checked the front IO wires about 5 times and still can't figure out the problem. The case is a RAIDMAX helios and the motherboard is a gigabyte 970A-UD3. I wasn't here for the initial setup, but all of the wiring looks good. Any thoughts on why it won't turn on?

BTW he had the IO plugs all facing up to where the labels were showing. We checked the pos./neg. in the manual, and realized some of them were plugged in wrong. Still doesn't work though. Are the wires supposed to face with labels up?

Please help,
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  1. 1. You installed the standoffs?
    2. Does the PC boot if you try to turn it on via the motherboard?
    3. Have you tested the PSU to verify if it's functioning?
    4. When you turn on the power supply do any lights show on the motherboard?
    5. Unplug and firmly put the cables back in.
    6. It shouldn't matter if the connectors are upside down as long as they are plugged into the correct spot.
  2. For the most part you won't damage anything mis-plugging the front panel stuff, I would make sure your USB front panel connectors are plugged into the correct header, USB into firewire can damage the MOBO. I'm not quite sure what you mean by facing up. Also, did you make sure that the standoffs were in place or put in place during assembly? Usually your rear I/O panel will not quite line up if they aren't.
  3. I checked all of those things, but when building it he short circuited the power switch on the mobo to see if it would power on, which it did. I think this may have caused problems because it won't turn on if he tries that again.
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