Did my card have a cyst???

ill keep it short and sweet....anybody with intimate knowlage about the INNER workings of electronics explain this one.....

asus dcii stopped working, card works fine (albeit really hot) and then i find this.....

no i dont drink or eat over my rig and it IS in a foreign schmegma is not the cause....

any elec. eng. chime in on this???
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  1. I ain't no electrical engineer but that looks like some charred circuit board to me!
  2. Well first dont run it without the fans, even for short periods of time. And that to me looks like it may be flux that has melted and spread? Im not 100% sure but that would be my guess.
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    That is a defective component on the video card itself. What you are seeing is the resultant heat damage. I suggest RMAing with the vender. This card is fairly new and should still be under warranty.
  4. wasnt there when i re-thermal pasted it.....then one night of secret world maxxed and all of the sudden it went into slide show mode!!!

    and no .....i dont run no fan.....i just plug it into a pwm header on the mobo :D
  5. How hard were you OCing this GPU?
  6. mmmmmmmm....

    no comment....

    best 3d11 run was 10700
  7. OCing carries risk due to increased heat generated and power consumed. Seems you pushed your GPU a little hard. Are you going to try the RMA route?
  8. not sure.....i may just slap one of the extra H60s i have to it and say tough luck to the fan controler.....(which im assuming is what exploded???)

    i like playing around with stuff for shitz and grinz
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