Asus HD 6970 direct cu II heat issue

I have problem with my rig, coz sometime lag when gaming. The idle temp for my GC between 45 - 47 Celsius.

Detail of my RIG -
AMD FX - 6100 (overclock to 4.0Ghz)
cooler master TCP-812 (cpu cooler)
Asus M5A97 mobo
8 GB corsair 1333 Mhz
ASUS HD 6970 Direct CU II
Cooler master 650 GX
HAF 912 Advance casing

Whether of my GC or not sufficent power that cause of the lag??? PLEASE HELP.....
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  1. you need to be more it lag where your fps are constantly low or does it spike to low points or is your fps normal but it feels laggy....give us a much better description of the problem.....also what are your temps while gaming? thats much more important than idle temps
  2. The lagging happen when im playing game. For example Borderland 2 game, at certain time it running well about 60 fps and suddenly I drop to 32 fps second (lag). The temp while gaming about 65 to 75 Celsius.

    Any suggestion to solve my issue..??? or i need to buy new GC???. I tried to cleaning my GC but is still the same. I don't know whether my GC or my power supply (lack of power).

    Sorry for my ENGLISH.. Ohhh... My English... hehehe =)
  3. it is very possible it is the psu....alot of coolermaster psu's have a bad rep bc they dont deliver nearly the power they are rated for....can you try hooking the gpu up to a different powersupply and leaving the rest of the system on the normal one? if that solves your issue you know its the psu
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