AMD HD7750 No signal detected

Hi Guys,
I bought the HD7750 and tried to install it.
The answer received from my VGA monitor is "No Signal Detected".
Card seems to be installed properly because fan on it is working...

Is possible that this happen because I've to connect this GPU via DVI (at least 1st time) and not in VGA?
I can try to connect this to a HDMI too but if possible I will prefer to have it connected via VGA...

Many thanks for your help!
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  1. can you give us the rest of your system specs? if it has onboard video you need to go into the BIOS and change the primary graphics adapter to either PCIE or PEG and that should allow your 7750 to work provided its not a faulty card...if that doesnt help try putting the card in another pc to see if maybe the card is bad. let me know what the rest of your system is
  2. Make sure your cards in the first PCIE slot.(normally the "top" slot closest to your cpu) Double check your seating (take the card out, put the card back in, make sure its 100% in place). double check your bios settings. it should have no problem running the DVI.
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