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Ive got a bit of a confusing issue here that just doesn't make sense to me so I reached out! Heres the deal:

I have a 25ft HDMI cable running from my laptop to my new projector which I put the DVI-HDMI adapter on, the issue is the new projector.

I had another projector that worked fine but for some reason this one gives me a reddish image that is gittery. But heres where it gets interesting:

I have tried to plug in the projector with a 15ft HDMI cable with the DVI-HDMI Adapter on the projector and it works fine!

Then I tried to check if my 25ft HDMI cable is bad by plugging one end into an LCD monitor and the other end into my laptop and it works fine too!

So now I have no idea wtf is going on... Both the projector and the HDMI cable are perfectly fine but for some weird reason the two together = reddish ugly picture at 1080p. I have tried various resolutions and refresh rates both through Windows and Nvidia Control Panel.

My video card on the laptop is an 9650GT M

And my projector is an Optoma DLP HD projector (no idea what model, doesnt say anywhere)

If anyone knows anything about this please help me out, I'm dying here!!!

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  1. Honestly, this sounds like a case of signal loss with the longer cable in place and that the projector is sensitive to the loss/degradation of the video signal.

    Is this a "high" quality or "standard" quality (as in generic) 25-ft cable?
  2. its a high quality cable and what your saying only applys to analogue signals not digital
  3. Not true, signal loss is an issue with all cabling as it gets longer. This is true for both analog and digital signals.

    What makes you think that this is only an analog signal problem?
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