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AMD Radeon Dual Graphics (APU+Low Profile Card)

I have an AMD A8-3850 APU with Radeon HD 6550D Graphics Integrated in my computer.

the box of the APU said that it could dual with a supported graphics card. AMD's website said the same.(the AMD Radeon HD 6450 was one of the 3.)

i added a Radeon HD 6450 Low Profile 1gb graphics card last night. (it supports crossfirex)

when i turned my computer on, it disabled my Integrated Graphics and used the 6450 gpu by itself.

i want to dual these but dont know how.

Do i need to download crossfirex or something?

Someone please help me figure this out.
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    You need to locate the Graphics settings in your BIOS and set the integrated GPU as the primary device. Save and power the system down.

    Once powered down, connect your display to the on-board video connectors. With an APU+GPU Crossfire config, the APU (the integrated video) is the primary video device.

    Power the system back on. Once you are at your desktop, open Catalyst and look at your hardware settings. You should see 2 video adapters. You can also play with your CF settings there as well.

    Not a bad idea to ensure you have the latest drivers and Crossfire CAPs installed while you are at it.

    You can get the current drivers from:
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  3. Thanks COLGeek. I will try it when i get home. If it doesnt work im gonna need more help haha
  4. No problem. I have a similar system that MrsGeek uses. Be glad to help as needed.
  5. Yeah what you told me to do worked. I have megatrends BIOS so it was in the North Bridge Chipset. Worked perfectly. I had a few questions i thought maybe you could answer for me.

    1. The graphics on Oblivion and Skyrim still set the game to MID settings automatically which was the same settings as before although my Catalyst Control Center says its CrossFired with both. Idk if it just isnt much better or if it didnt work.

    and 2. My cpu has been getting hotter since i installed the Graphics card. what can i do to stop it from heating up? lower the power usage? right now its using almost max power.

    Thanks :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :non:
  6. You can manually increase the game's graphic settings. Also, are you using the stock AMD CPU heatsink/fan?
  7. I did manually increase it and it runs good, it just runs about the same as before. although i dont have any other games i can test it on...getting BF:BC2 tomorrow...

    and yeah i am using the stock fan/heatsink. i dont have the money to buy a nicer one. haha
  8. How hot is the CPU getting?
  9. well i dont know the temperature for sure but when i touch the part of my case where the cpu is, its pretty hot. is there a way to check the temp? in catalyst control center of where???
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