Using HDTV as a second 1080p Monitor, blurry text.

I'm using a Insignia HDTV with a native resolution of 720p but it can support up to 1080p. I have it connected with a HDMI to my computer. When ever I have text on screen it looks blurry and is hard to look at. I have had it connected to an old lap top I have and it work fine. I have tried different refresh rates, the settings on my TV and my computer but none of it has worked.

How can i fix this?
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  1. If text is blurry, then open CCC and find overscan page. Set overscan to 0%. Click apply.
  2. It is set to 0%
  3. You sure it can support 1080p, not 1080i. I would think if it could support it, that its native resolution would be 1080p. If it does happen to be 1080i instead, blurry text is a consequence of interlace video.
  4. If you do not set your TV to native res. then anything above that you will get some blur. As your TV is stretching the pixels to create 1080p.
  5. Could this be fixed by use a VGA Instead of a HDMI?
  6. Yo Sol, unfortunately, there is (currently) a visible noticeable difference in clarity of text (or graphics to a lesser extent e.g. videos) when using any TV compared to a dedicated PC monitor. Might seem strange, but this has been true for a long, long time.

    The best you can do, as has been said by others, is to make sure your TV (native) and PC output resolution matches as close as possible.
  7. Possibly go into the tv settings and have the tv auto correct itself or set up the source settings yourself.
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