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Hi, I currently own a Nvidia GTX 560 1GB and it works great. I am also looking into a second card (a GTS 450 2GB) and was wondering if the GTS and GTX would work together. Both are SLI capable. Thanks
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    They would not SLI.

    You would have to SLI with ONLY another 560 by any manufacturer. You could get a Physx card though.
  2. Deemo13 is correct to the best of my knowledge. The most that you could do is probably just to use the GTX 450 for PhysX processing in games that support PhysX so that you hopefully don't take a performance hit on the GTX 560 when you enable heavy PhysX.

    Different GPU configurations break SLI compatibility. Only AMD can have true multi-GPU configurations with GPUs that have different GPU configurations and even then, different GPU CFX usually only works with AMD IGPs and low-end discrete cards such as CF with a Radeon 6670 and an integrated Radeon 6550D from a Llano A8.
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