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I have a Gigabyte GA-790XT-UB3 motherboard. Is it compatible with 7970 graphics cards?

I just tried it with a VTX 7970 x-edition and it does not power up properly, makes a weird noise. A strangled sounding beep. Power unit is 550 watts, instructions say I need 500 watts. Also have enough RAM (4gigs)

I reinstalled the old 5700 series back in afterwards and it works, so i haven't screwed up the rest of the computer.

Is this a power issue or was the 7970 simply not fitted correctly?
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  1. Should work with that mobo - could just be a dead GPU that you need to RMA
  2. the motherboard is not the problem...it is either that the card you got is defective or your power supply is not providing enough power..what brand powersupply do you have?
  3. You should try to reinstall the card back onto the motherboard. Make sure that it is seated correctly and the power is connected to the card. The strange sounding beep you heard is your motherboard trying to tell you something. I've never heard one that sounded "strangled" before though.
    Do you know the power requirements for the 5700 that was in there originally?

    If the problem continues you may need to upgrade your psu.
  4. also try plugging in the video card into a different rig and seeing if it boots. this will test out the card to see if it works properly.
  5. strangled beep=maybe uneven and too long is a better description. thanks for your input will try again tomorrow.
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