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In the device manager on my HP G60t there's an Unknown Device and an unknown memory controller that I've seen in the list for a long time. How can I find the drivers to these things, or should I just remove them? Thanks
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  1. Hello,

    Go here:


    You can use the HP scan utility to find your missing drivers.
  2. Always run the chipset download.

    Also, make sure to download the card reader drivers, and sometimes the unknown device is the Hard Drive Smart Protect driver.
  3. @Chainsawz, the utility said it couldn't find anything. -.-

    @kawininjazx, can you specify what a 'chipset download' is?

    To be more specific, there's just an unkown device and an AMIYD0FB IDE controller that doesn't have a driver.
  4. The chipset is the main chip that connects all the main controllers like memory, cpu, and video. A chipset driver will have things like the SMBus Controller, but also sometimes a lot of other random drivers you can't find. Some HP computers bundle the Ethernet driver with the chipset. Go to hp.com support and put in your model number and get the latest downloads.
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