Need to upgrade video card for Planetside 2

Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my Video card pretty much strictly for Planetside 2, I don't play on playing anything else Except Dota 2/Tf2 etc but my current card all runs those flawlessly so I'm upgrading just for the sake of running PS2 at high or nearly full setting. I don't really have a budget but I'd probably set my highest at 200-250$ something near that price range would be awesome.

Current specs;

Asus Mobo M5A88-M
4Gb DDR3
AMD FX-4100 Quad 3.6Mhz
GTX 260

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  1. What power supply are you running?
  2. Ah sorry that totally slipped my mind. It's a 750w Corsair PSU
  3. Well, $250 is going to be able to get you a 7870, which is what I would recommend for sure.

    The Radeon's also come with Sleeping Dogs, which is an awesome game.
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