Websites with Good Deals, for the Long Weekend

Hay guys, I am putting a list together of where to buy my parts over the long weekend, and I am wondering where you guys buy your parts. I am mainly looking for american website for this weekend, but I am also looking for Canadian website for other times. The only critiera are that they have to have good deals (IE. Probably not Best Buy)

So far my list consists of the following, I will update it with peoples comments to make it easier to check.

The United States of America:

3. (I am not really a fan because of a problem I had with trying to buy something from them)

The (former) Dominion of Canada (now Canada):
5. (same as above)

Thanks guys!

P.s. Look at this, its pretty cool, what do you think?
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  1. Just buy from the US.
  2. Yep, that's the plan, but I live in Canada, so I was also wondering whats good in Canada.
  3. Oh, if you live in Canda just buy in canada. Warranty is very important. then pick Canada.

    What's your budget anyway?
  4. Warranty as in I can't return it while I'm in Canada, or warranty as in it would be voided, if its the first one, then I'm aware.

    As for PCPartPicker, been there done that, I have my general build specs down, and I'm not worried about it. I am simply looking for places, in the U.S. that have good deals, especially on black Friday, to buy my parts.
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