Linksys E1200 - Xbox Live Open Nat Problem

I am at a dead end here. I have a Linksys E1200 Wireles Router and I have my 360 wired to it. Ive tried almost every type of port opening there is. Single port forwarding, port range forwarding, port range triggering and DMZ.

I cant seem to get it to become an Open NAT, it will just stay at Moderate.

Has anyone run into this problem with this router?
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  1. Maybe your ISP is blocking some necessary ports??

    What happens if you're connected directly, no router, just the modem?
  2. The xbox will not recognize the connection if I go directly to the modem.
  3. Sometimes the router's MAC address gets locked down to your account. And if you simply pull the plug on the router and patch the modem to the XBOX, it fails. The ISP thinks you're attempting to get a second public IP for another device (the ISP has no information that tells him the router is now offline, gone). So either you need to EXPLICTLY release your router's DHCP lease before pulling the plug (some routers have this as an option), or else drop the modem connection for a few minutes (sometimes longer w/ some ISPs) to force the issue.
  4. Theres an option in the router, "release" and "renew". Is that the one I want? Will anything baaad happen?
  5. use "release" (renew just does a release then immediately renews)

    No, nothing bad. You're just telling the ISP's DHCP server to drop your lease. Next time you boot the router (or issue the renew command), you'll get another lease. No big deal.
  6. So, on top of using the "release" feature, which of the Port opening features do I use? I just released the DHCP, rebooted my router, tested my xbox and now its back to strict.
  7. The point of releasing the DHCP lease of the router was so you could connect the modem. Now when the modem attempts to use the ISP's DHCP server for itself, the ISP should allow it to obtain a lease of its own (the ISP now knows the router is offline and is willing to hand out a new lease). But if you simply reconnect the router after releasing the DHCP lease, you've accomplished nothing. We're right back where we started!
  8. So, its
    Connect xbox to modem
  9. Yeah. We're just trying to connect the XBOX directly to the modem so we can eliminate the router and its firewall as a possible obstacle. If when only using the modem you still have NAT issues, then it's not the router that's the problem. It's more likely your ISP is blocking ports.
  10. Ok. I did that, but I still got Moderate NAT settings for the xbox. After I reconnected back to the router, everything was fine, but I wasnt able to connect back to this website for a while. It was weird...
  11. You had a problem connecting again because when you now disconnected the modem, it was like pulling the plug on the router. You didn't execute a formal release of the XBOX’s DHCP lease (not that you could, it’s probably not an option on the XBOX). So it takes a little time for the ISP's administrative system to recognize the XBOX is offline and willing to give a DHCP lease to the router again. It's all part of dealing w/ changing devices between you and the ISP.

    As far as the NAT issue, well now you know, it's not your router. Even w/ only the modem in place, the problem persists. As I said, it's probably your ISP, or else something else upstream of you. You sometimes see this when using a non-standard ISP, like going through someone else's open wifi, and that router is blocking ports.
  12. Alright. That pretty much answers my question. Thanks a lot for the help! I appreciate it :)
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