Boot with single graphics card, but no boot with two

Here's the problem, I have new build that works just fine with one graphics cards, but when I plug in the second one, it doesn't boot and the fan revs up and down continuously. I've used the computer several times and it runs just fine, i even reinstalled windows and the drivers for the mobo and the cards. I've also checked the wiring countless times as well as removing the cmos batter for an hour or so and plugging it back in. I know everything is good (I think) since everything runs flawlessly with only one graphics card in, it's just when I put in the second one that the fan revs up and down when i turn the computer on, leaving me with the psu led fan on, case fans spinning, and graphics cards fans spinning, just no display. I'm not sure, though, if I'm getting beeps as i don't have a speaker plugged in. I also have tried the crossfire bridge, but still no luck. Also, one key thing is that the cards are pci express 3.0 and the mobo is a 2.0. I'm not sure this affects anything, but I read that it shouldn't, the mobo has one x16 slot running at x16 and one x16 slot running at x4.
I also read somewhere that I need to tell what I have plugged into the comp. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo (Microsoft 5000 via usb), power cable, and one dvi cable.
Processor: amd athlon II x4 620
RAM: Komputerbay 16 Gb DDR3 @ 1600 mhz (It shows when I run with 1 card, so i'm assuming ram's alright?)
Harddrive: 1TB Western Digital
Mobo: gigabyte GA-970A-DS3
Graphics Cards: 2x visiontek 7770
PSU:Cool Power Gamer CP-G980 980W

P.s I have read through the two guides i've seen around on the site for no boot, i still haven't gotten anywhere. Thanks for your help, and if there's any more info you'd like, ask and i'll let you know.

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  1. Okay, let's try this. Try one card at a time and see if each card works on the first blue slot. Make sure you uninstall driver's from each card and update each. Then try each card on the second blue slot of your motherboard (turn on computer and see each card works). Message back the results.
  2. If both card runs fine individually...

    just checking, is the CFX/SLI bridge & power cables connected securely?..

    had u try to plug the monitor cables in the other port/card... try the other combination...

    there also a chance bad mobo pci-ex slot...
  3. I plugged both individually, but I never updated the drivers since I'm at college and didn't have internet access today, i'll update tomorrow. I did, however, try both cards individually and they both worked. Could it really be bad mobo? Idk if anybody took this into account, but the mobo doesn't have onboard graphics, I hope that helps.
  4. I don't like the look of that power supply. It could possibly be the culprit here. Can you give me some other information on that?
  5. Here's the psu

    it has the power connectors for the cards and everything else. Is there something you specifically want to know about it?

    this site has more info regarding the connectors
  6. It just needed a bios update, It works well now. It just gets a bsod every now and then, but I'll deal with that myself. Thanks for the suggestions, guys.
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