Can anyone do better for 400-450?

Hello, i made build but i don't know how well it is good for my needs. First off all i will be mostly gaming and multitasking(when playing game have open internet with many pages, listen music etc...) I also don't want to change any component in this new build whatsoever for at least 3 years bare that in mind
So let's get on the point, here is build i made:

CPU: G860 3GHz -62 euros
MB: H61M-P20 -34 euros
GPU: HD7850 1GB -150 euros
RAM: 2x4GB -34 euros
HDD: 500GB -53 euros
PSU: Seasonic SS-400ET -40 euros
CASE: Something cheap for -25 euros
DVD/RW: Samsung SH-22 -15 euros
Total: 413 euros

I listed all parts i need here. I don't need: OS,Monitor,Keyboard,Mouse,Speakers. So can anyone do better for that particular money? It would be also great if i would go for quad-core but my budget don't allow it? What you think?
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  1. Your build is pretty good. It's impossible to put in a quad.
  2. Will 7850 work with that 400W PSU? Also can you give me some benchmarks for HD7850 1GB?
  3. Yep. Benchmarks can be searched on google.

    Good luck.
  4. ^ Benchmarks should be the same as the 2GB model except in cases of high AA or resolution settings.
  5. nice build. i think its the best gaming build available in that price range.
  6. your processor is really low end,
    u SHOULD definitely go with mad fx-4170 or fx-4130 it is a quad core!!
    and a complimentary mobo. and therefore future-proof.
    a pentium is really bad, dont take it.
    and what resolution r u playing at??
  7. dheeraj9933 said:
    your processor is really low end,
    u SHOULD definitely go with mad fx-4170 or fx-4130 it is a quad core!!
    and a complimentary mobo. and therefore future-proof.
    a pentium is really bad, dont take it.
    and what resolution r u playing at??

    The G860 is better than the FX -Bulldozer line at games. It's not more future proof. =(

    It's a common notion that more cores = better gaming performance.

    Its not.
  8. what about multitasking while playing games.
    i know that right now (more cores = better gaming performance) is not
    the case but a quad core(dosent matter which one) is still better than the pentium.
    and the amd FX-4170 is a close competitor to the i3-2120!
    this website has compared both of their gaming performance and 4100 was just a little behind the i3.
    the FX-4170 is better than pentium, the only dual core that can beat it is the i3.
  9. What is final decision guys? Should i go Intel CPU that i mentioned or FX? I'm playing at 1080p and are you sure that 400W can handle it?? If you think that you want to change something just create whole new build for 450 euros and i will look at every opinion. Thanks for answers
  10. How much FPS i will get in Battlefield 3 multiplayer with G860,8GB RAM and HD7770?
    Also what is cheapest mobo that can support G860 and CrossfireX so i can get one HD7770 now and one later. Would that be good? Can 400W handle it? Or i should just get one HD7850 1GB and thats all? Thanks
  11. Just get a 7850 than a 7770 on Cf.
  12. a 400W cant handle a 7850 u need a good 550W for that.
    forget upgrading ur mobo and then getting a crossfire 7770.
    get a good 550W psu and then buy a 7850, the best option.
  13. IT can.
    it says that 7850 needs a 500W.
    get your facts straight teddy bear
  15. Please that's for non-true rated PSUs.

    A good 400w especially a seasonic can power up an 7850. Just google it.

    You're full of talk but you don't know what you're talking about
  16. I agree that 400W is enough to hold a 7850, but I think the bigger issue is that there aren't enough PCI-E connectors for a 7850.
  17. Then what about SS-500ET it is 20 euros more. I will be probably overclocking GPU because its free and it gives little boost so why not :). If i overclock 7850 it will be like 7870 performance right?
  18. yeah it's true that AMD's requirements are a little high than required, but a 500W is just safer........
    a good enough 500W is not that expensive than a 400W that u r buying.
    your PSU will work with 7850 but getting getting a 500W is better in many ways.
    overclocking, future room for upgrading, like crossfire etc.
    and over-clocking the 7850 will not be exactly like a 7870, but will come close
  19. The 7850 is going to pull 130W at absolute max, and probably rarely at that; I think they like to sit in the 80W range. The G860 is 65W, that leaves ~200W for the rest of the system, I'd be surprised if it pulls more than 100W altogether between the memory, mobo, HDD, and optical. A low quality PSU with more noise/higher deviation from the stated output would be suspect to blackouts when pulling close to max; a high-quality one should handle it just fine. For comparison, my lanbox runs a G620 and HD6770 with no problems on an Antec 380W.

    The thing I would worry about is your planned usage, especially if you don't want to upgrade for three years. Granted, my pentium is clocked a bit lower, but I have some difficulty multi-tasking of any sort; it's perfect for doing one or two things at a time, and runs the games I want perfectly, but I notice huge hangs if I open firefox/chrome or itunes while I'm playing. It's a perfect CPU for gaming as it has the legs to keep up with a lot of cards and I just wanted something cheap for my mobile box, but if you want to game+anything else simultaneously, you might run into some frustrations.

    How much more over budget would you hit if you went to the core i3? Get a Sandy Bridge for a bit cheaper, you don't need the upgraded graphics; the hyper-threading will indeed help with multitasking and keep you comfortable for a few years.
  20. This is the PC if i go for i3:
    CPU: i3-3220 -98 euros
    MB: H61M-P20 -34 euros
    GPU: HD7850 1GB -150 euros
    RAM: 2x4GB -34 euros
    HDD: 500GB -53 euros
    PSU: Seasonic SS-400ET -40 euros
    CASE: Something cheap for -25 euros
    DVD/RW: Samsung SH-22 -15 euros
    Total: 439 euros
    And can you suggest me a build for 300-340 euros? If i can't get 450 euros i will be at 340 max for sure( i have 300 now) I was thinking of this for 300-340 euros:

    CPU: G860 3GHz -62 euros
    MB: H61M-P20 -34 euros
    GPU: HD7770 1GB -106 euros
    RAM: 2x4GB -34 euros
    HDD: 500GB -53 euros
    PSU: Seasonic SS-400ET -40 euros
    CASE -25 euros
    DVD/RW: Samsung SH-22 -15 euros
    This will be 369 but how can i lower it to like 340 or so? I could grab 2x2GB and a G540 CPU which will lead me to 326 euros. Opinions?
  21. What website/store are you using?

    EDIT: You could trim some of your budget off the PSU; seasonic is fantastic, but very expensive, I usually go with Antec as they're still high quality PSUs but a little more budget-oriented. Perhaps the Antec VP-450 would be a good fit if it can shave off ~10 euros or more, plus you'd have a bit more power for headroom if that was ever a concern. The HD 7770 is a good fit for that lower budget. For your budget, it might be worthwhile getting a full compliment of 8gb RAM but at a slower clock, something like DDR3-1333; you'll find more performance from more memory at a slower speed than less memory at a higher speed for what you are wanting to do with it.

    And to add some salt to my earlier post- the G860 Pentium won't fail completely at multitasking those things, I was probably being a bit spoiled. I remember playing World in Conflict and running iTunes on a Pentium 4, so really you would be fine playing with much better architecture than that, you just might see a hiccup or two while doing so. So for a more limited budget, it is a grand fit and I really do love the performance of my lanbox for the price I put into it; I was more pointing out that if you had some budget headroom, your multitasking life would be much happier upgrading to a hyper-threaded CPU.
  22. I go here and create PC i like. Maybe you wont understand some name of components because im not from america. You will probably recognize everything except Kućišta which is Case and Napajanja i dodanti ventilatori which means PSU's and Fans. You can pick components you like(its like pcpartpicker) for 38.500din which is 340 euros and 34.000din which is 300 euros, so everything between that price is fine. Hope you will be able to navigate properly on that site.
  23. Playing around with that site:
    Pentium G465
    MSI H61M-P20
    The 500GB Hitachi
    2x4GB 1333MHz Mushkin
    Samsung SH-224BB
    HD7770 Powercolor
    Seasonic 400W SS-400ET

    Total is 36.546din if that's right.

    I'm not familiar with the cheap-o power supplies on that list, and relatively, the seasonic is actually pretty good at that price, so stick with that. The Pentium G465 might be the saving grace at this price, you'll get 2.9GHz, just shy of the original 3.0GHz. I tried looking through to see if there was a better mobo that we could squeeze out, but not really much feature-wise; you won't get a crossfire-ready board without shelling out a bit more for a better chipset.

    Reuse whatever case you have, should be good.

    That's a tight budget for a 1080p machine, but it should handle enough; you can always dial-down/lower resolution if you run into trouble.
  24. To be honest i will not be on 1080p monitor when i get new PC i will be on my current 1280x1024p monitor. Maybe next year i go and buy new 1080p monitor. So yes i will be gaming later on HD monitor and i want components for that resolution so i can be ready. I will be playing: GTA4,Hitman Absolution, Crysis,Crysis2,Battlefield BC 2,Battlefield3,Farcry 2,Arma 2,Total War Shogun 2 and i also want to be prepared for GTA5,Crysis3,Battlefield4,Farcry3,Arma3 and Rome Total War 2. Could i run all of those games with build you made?
    EDIT: I must buy new Case because it will be separate PC. On this PC that i use now i got 1024x768 and other one is sitting down in corner that i mentioned above.
  25. I will also gonna run Minecraft server on hamachi and at the same time play in that server with at least 10 people and lots of houses details etc.. Maybe G460 is weak because it has 2 cores? Or it will be better to get phenom ii x4 because its 4 cores and maybe it helps in that section? Also i will be running Arma2 server maybe.. Does creation of server on one PC while playing game at the same time need good CPU? How good enough are G460,G540,G860? Or should i skimp on GPU and get i3?
  26. And i keep forgeting to tell that i will also record games with fraps. So i will be the host of a server in minecraft with 10 people at least and maybe recording some funny moments and that silly stuff. Cheers all that helps :)
  27. Just to clarify im not doing photoshop and video editing. And what about 6670 1GB? How can it handle games? I will save 53 euros
  28. Anybody?
  29. The 6670 is a low end gaming card.It would work good with a small 17-19 inch monitor@ lower resolution. 1366 x 768 or 1600 x 900 would be fine.
  30. The very least you should go is 7770.
  31. get the pentium G860 and 7770. that would save you some good money while still be able to play 1080p when you upgrade to a new monitor next year.
  32. Had a busy weekend, fell off the grid for a few days. From your updated usage, it almost seems like you'll be better served with a true quad-core; get a Phenom 955/965 and supporting motherboard. My main gaming rig uses a 955. I could host and run my minecraft server while playing Skyrim while downloading some Steam games while chatting on Skype while converting Inception into a mobile format- much more fun than waiting for my Pentium 4 to do just one at a time, and I know my Sandy-Bridge Pentium box meets its limit at Skyping+Gaming. If I remember right, the bump up to a phenom ii isn't much more, though that website is goofy in that no motherboard options come up; you'll have to buy an AM3+ board separately. The MSI 760GM-P21 is similarly priced to the LGA 1155 motherboard, and there will be only a marginal uptick in price to get the phenom 955 over the G465.

    Your limitations with the phenom ii are hampered upgrade path (which you stated you don't want to do for years anyway) and increase in power-usage, which doesn't really matter in your case.

    Graphics-wise, the 6670 will probably hold you back, especially if it's the DDR3 version. It would be best to wait to get your budget up a little bit instead of getting a disappointing card. The Powercolor HD 7770 seems like a good deal from that site, or if you need to save some money, the Powecolor HD 7750 -but make sure you get the DDR5 version, not the DDR3. But if you got the phenom 955/HD 7770 it should be just at or slimly over your budget, and worth it.

    For comparison sake, the G860 might be able to beat a *stock* Pii955 (they OC great too) in terms of maybe 5-10% framerate in games, but with the kind of multitasking you're doing, you'll want a true quad or those frames will sink anyways. With the kind of gaming you want to do, an HD7750 DDR5 (I didn't even know there was a DDR3 version but that site has one) is the minimum you should look into, given the choices on that list, and an HD 7770 should be the goal. IF your budget really holds you back, go back to the Intel Pentium G465 build and get the HD7770, and maybe be on the lookout for a cheap i3 or i5 in the future.
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