New Coolers for Dual GPU

I got two Nvidia GTX 590's
and Ive been searching for new coolers for them as one has a drastic overheating problem and ideals at 115 and even opening a browser
causes the gpu to spike all the way to 140-150 range it was one of the orginal ASUS GTX590 models and a firmware issue causes it but seeing as how
Last time I tried to reflash the firmware one it destroyed the card and ASUS replaced it after a month of waiting.
So I figure Ill take the less of a pain route and go for a better cooler think someone can help me find one that will fit a GTX?
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  1. Also preferred not to be liquid cooling.
  2. How about a new case?
  3. 115c at idle, I suspect something else is causing a problem. Even reference design cooling would get nowhere near that.
  4. 115F.
    Im stuck using the Cooler Master Elite cause I just moved to Norway I had a Rosewill Thor before only thing that did besides keep my parts cool was nuke anything plugged into the front USB.

    I would have taken Thor with me but alas Jetblue no longer allows boxs as checked bagged on international flights.

  5. Fahrenheit? That's nothing!
  6. I know the ASUS GTX590's have a massive overheating problem yesterday I gray Screened cause it got so bad.

    Im worried it would happen again and not work after a reboot.
  7. loading minecraft it jumps to 160F
    loading Crome it jumps to 140F

    If I didn't suck at modding Id install another 120mm fan to keep the other gpu cores cool.

  8. xD its really bad the cable management is pretty garbage sense Im using a Mushking 1050 watt psu, and a raid of 5 SSDs there is no ventilation coming from the front.
    Ill try and get a picture up later.
  9. In this case, I highly doubt it.
  10. It's F, not C. There's nothing to worry about with your current temps.
  11. When I was going thru tech school I always considered 180F a bad area to go too which this jumps up to a lot, I just worry.
  12. These cards can withstand up to 105C.
  13. 115 farenheit is about 41 celsius, which is pretty high for idle but not that unusual.
    180f is 82c, which I will admit is pretty hot.

    So you have a Cooelrmaster elite case, with bad cable management which you admit blocks the front airflow...
    A new GPU cooler wont fix your problem I'm afraid. Without fresh air in the system, your temps wont improve.

    And if you are uncomfortable installing a case fan, I dont think you should be installing aftermarket VGA heatsinks anyway, way more complicated than a case fan.
  14. Guess I'll just have to hold out a month to get a full tower case again.
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