After windows 7 install, games crash on startup

Specs are:

Evga 780i Motherboard
intel 3110 xeon 3.0 factory spec
corsair ssd(new windows 7 install)
WD Green with XP 64 bit
4gb ram
corsair 1050 PSU
Evga GTX280 GPU
Sli mode

So, I love to game. I spend a lot of time on CS:S and recently on Portal 2. Until yesterday when I installed my 2nd GPU BEFORE I installed my SSD(and windows 7).

So, running XP64 on a WD Green hard drive and only one Evga GTX280 life was good and the games ran great!

I tried installing the Evga GTX280 SSC(super super clocked edition) when it arrived in the mail with great success. It ran at cooler temperatures and the games(and life) were GOOD!

Then when the new 1050 PSU(was running an old 750W) came in the mail yesterday, I was thrilled and installed the two cards in SLi mode.
But, when I played the games with identical video settings it got choppy and impossible to compete in CSS and too annoying to deal with when playing Portal 2. So, I started searching and tried a couple of things that seemed logical to attempt, nothing outrageous, to no avail. I put the settings on "performance instead of quality" in the nvidia control panel. And disabled the 2nd monitor display and still had the same crappy performance. The OSD(on screen display) shows that both cards are being utilized and the percentages and temperatures appear normal.


Also, after installing windows 7, I copied my "steamapps" folder from the XP64 drive and even after deleting the cfg files(i think i found the right ones like those guys on the forums were saying) Portal 2 crashes on startup along with Left for Dead 2. CSS will play but is all choppy and crashes during heavy loads. The messed up video stress test in there crashed before I changed nvidia to "performance over quality" and yields 198FPS???

I can play HL2 with choppiness everywhere, but some moforking how, Portal 1 plays a-ok showing usage on both cards in the OSD???

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  1. I think you should never copy your gamedirectory's to a new install. First of all, try to reinstall steam, with all games.. It takes some time, but you'll be sure you'll have the Steam for Windows 7...

    I'm not sure, but you can also check the cabling, to be sure it's attached correctly. I had a problem once, where I crashed when I started to game, basicly, when I started to use the GPU's with some more power. It turned out that one of the PCIe cables from the PSU wasn't attached properly.

    You can also try some other games, clean installed, not from steam or such programs, and see what it does, and how it runs..
  2. In steam, I selected "delete local content" and the "install game" and it only had to download the last 25% or so of each game, luckily. But now they work better with both video cards than just the 1! Stress test shows 280+ avg fps! although its still fucked and pointing at the ground haha.
    So far, the SLi setup is totally worth it! I just wish that I could crank all the settings up all the way and still get the performance desired.

    I need to tweak the settings, does anyone know a good nvidia settings tweak guide?
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