System for about 5000 US.

Being really excitable about seeing this system?

Should I buy it as tax deduction?
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  1. Very clever.

    And that might be the largest waste of money I have ever seen.

    What are you using the computer for?
  2. Thats ridiculous and not in the good omg powerful way, its just wasting money. A build 30% of the price would have 95% of the performance of that one.

    450 for a psu and 650 for a motherboard... wut...
  3. I have an income surplus problem this year and can deduct a computer as business expense against the taxes I allocated 5000 to do this. I just need an approximate build that will put out for the next 5 years max settings with less than 1k upgrades during that time period.

    It will be my "office computer" it needs to poses fairly secure and separate drives to store business information. I also want to be able to boot a gaming rig's os off of completely separate drives from office documents so as to keep them secure. In my infrequent off time I want to get back into gaming and play games at ultra settings for the next 5 years, mainly I want this rig to last until T.E.S.V.I.

    I am fairly new to this whole aspect of building pc's as it was done for me by a friend roughly 10 years ago and that is the pc I have today.

    Sorry about the acronym, been having a good day so I figured what the heck.

    So, could you suggest a build for me for around 5000 US preferably from Newegg that could do this then not including monitor and peripherals as I do no know where to start.
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    That's just really overkill. Not really worth it imo. If its free, then sure. But if you can save the money for something else I would definitely do that instead.
  5. Ok, what would be a good budget? With income taxes the way they are half of my money will go to the government anyway.
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