GTX 470, faulty?

Hi, recently I started to notice artifacts (not sure if that's how you call them) on my screen. First time I noticed them playing Guild Wars 2, but now they seem to appear even while browsing internet. Is this a sign my gpu is dying or something else.
System specs:
i7 860 @2.80GHz
p7h57d-v evo
6GB DDR3 pc3-12800 ram
geforce gtx470
not sure about psu atm, but I think it's 700w OZ
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  1. well, haven't tried to play anything else recently. Just many small squares appear on screen, screen goes black and back to normal. Now I even got bsod's which I couldn't read because screen was all in squares and lines - unreadable. Checked my psu for its brand and its some Combat power 750??? Haven't heard of it before
  2. So I should replace psu? Happened few times playing Guild Wars 2 screen had lots of different coloured small squares and pc got unresponsive, I could still hear game sound, but none of the keyboard or mouse clicks worked, had to reset pc
  3. Quote:
    This is your PSU:


    Exactly same as I have. I have this pc for more than 2 years, why it would happen just now? No, I am in Ireland
  4. Will it be enough of 650w for my current pc? I mean if I will have to replace gpu in the end, most likely motherboard will have to replaced too (doesn't support pcie 3.0). But I guess current gpus do not drain so much power as gtx470? what about these for 650w
  5. So 650w supply should be fine? or should i go for 750w?
  6. Ok, bought this pc with this kind of setup. Guess I'll get corsair one asap and get old one replaced. Is it a lot off hassle to replace psu? Thanks for your help!
  7. Well, getting a new PSU didn't help. My problem is still the same - now even screen with choice to start windows normally is all in lines and squares. Before getting new graphics card I want to be sure fault is really with it. So any opinion is more than welcome. Btw do not know why other than mine posts disappeared from this thread
  8. I can only read your posts on this thread but it looks like someone recomended getting a new PSU which was a bad piece of advice. First of all do you have an intergrated graphics cards on your motherboard? or if not do you have access to another computer you can try your GTX 470 in?
  9. I have this motherboard. Unfortunately do not think I would be able to try my gpu in another pc as its psu is not enough.
  10. Remove the GTX 470, enter the bios and make sure your integrated graphics is enabled and then boot your computer up and see if you still get artifacts, if not then it rules out the possibilty of anything else in your computer being the culprit.
  11. I could run this card just fine on a decent 550w unit so I suggest that you try the card in another machine. If it doesn't show artifacts then it could be the board. Mid range and high end Fermi cards in 1156 boards doesn't work out. I ruin a P55 board with only a single gtx460 without ever knowing until after the fact that these board don't handle the extra load that Fermi cards impose on the slot. What frustrates me is that older board don't have very many problems at all so I blame Intel and their odd designs.
  12. after removing gtx470, pc doesn't post, i can hear one long and 3 short beeps. Couldn't find anywhere in bios to enable on-board graphics :/. Other pc I can access doesn't even have 550w psu (not sure, i'll have a look when i'll get chance). is there any other way to troubleshoot motherboard? another gpu?
  13. This was my psu before I bought corsair one - combat power 750w
  14. Finally got around and got another gpu to test in my system - geforce210 512 mb. Its working with no problem, no artifacts or anything else. now should i try my gpu in another system which has LC PSU 550W? Or is it safe to say that gpu is damaged?
  15. Where do people buy this horrendous junk units? Didn't the EU ban these from being imported due to low build quality and lack of meeting basic EU standards? That unit isn't a true 550w unit but instead is likely a 350-450w unit with just a fancy sticker label on it.

    It won't run that card and the system as the 470 uses 200w on its own.
  16. got that psu with system 4-5 years ago. Is it safe to assume if geforce 210 is working with no problem that my gtx470 is gone?
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