Best Surround/eyefinity GPU

What is the best possible GPU that supports 3 screens minimum in surround setup.
I guess the best card would be the GTX 690.. But what will be the cheapest card? And which card would be best bang for buck?

Just for the information, there is nothing else you have to know. I just want to know what's the cheapest card to support it, and what's the best bang for buck?

Used for Gaming and video editing. Doesnt have to be extremely powerfull, but good enough to play games at a good quality setting on 3 screens
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  1. With the information you gave, there's no way to say what the best bang for buck is - what games do you want to play? At what fps and settings? That will determine the best bang for the buck.

    Cheapest card to support 3 screens is probably something like the Radeon HD 6670. Best single card is the GTX 690.
  2. I need 1 card, to play games like: Battlefield 3, Call of Duty MW3 and games like that.. basicly most recent games..
    It has to run the games at least on medium or higher, on a 5760x1080 display. It also has to be able to connect the 3 screen, without Display-port.. Just HDMI and DVI preferably

    I was thinking of GTX 670, or maybe GTX 660TI.. But I'm not sure, maybe I have to get AMD with the 7950 or something? what would be best?
  3. HD7970 is the card to get if you want multiple monitors. The 2GB of VRAM on Nvidia cards (the GTX690 only has 2GB per GPU, the 4GB is a bit misleading) becomes an issue once you start hitting these high resolutions.

    You will need Displayport for most AMD cards if you want more than 2 screens. Might have to get an active adapter.
  4. Will this card run games on high with 5760x1080?
    Asus HD7950-DC2-3GD5-V2
    It says to have 2 DVI, and HDMI.. This will support 3 screens without displayports right?
  5. Hence the "most" AMD cards dont do 2+ screens without Displayport. That card will do it.
    But on High, I doubt it. When you get into triple screen gaming you really need Crossfire/SLI if you want to turn settings up.
  6. If you OC'd that 7950 you could probably play everything on high with no AA and maybe a few settings on medium here or there in demanding titles. Overclocking a 7950 will definitely get you the best bang for the buck for what you're talking about (35-45% overclocks from stock 7950 speeds are the norm)
  7. Oke, thanks for the information so far. Since this is going to be my friend's card, I'll inform him, and keep you up to date.
  8. If you are wanting to get near high on a single card than you pretty much have no choice but to take one of the top cards out, the 7970 / 690. I have been running EyeFinity (5760x1080) for several years now, my latest card is a 7950. The 7950 is a GREAT card but once you get up to this type of resolution, any single card solution is gonna be hard pressed to keep up on high settings of most games. If you truly want to max things out than a multi-card (SLI or Crossfire) setup is the way to go. With a single card, you will definitely have to dial back settings.

    As a previous poster pointed out, at the high resolutions, the extra gig of VRam on the ATI cards helps compared to the nvidia cards. I would go with a 7950 as a minimum but expect to dial back settings. A 7970 would be better since it has a higher base clock. Either of these cards I would recommend overclocking. My 7950 easily runs at 1100/1400 beating out even the ghz 7970 at stock.

    Your original question was what is the "cheapest card to support". While a previous user suggested a 6670, this may support it, but there is a HUGE difference between a card supporting 3 screens and actually being able to handle a current game running on all 3 screens. With something like a 6670 expect to have to disable AA completely and drop all settings to medium or lower just to get anywhere near a playable frame rate. When playing BF3, even when my 7950 is overclocked I have to drop to 2 AA and dial back a lot of settings.
  9. Let's say we have a game named 'X' and it has the overall graphic settings

    Very low / Low / medium / High / Very high / Ultra

    I would like to get around ^ High.. It just has to look nice, and be above 60 FPS.. It doesn't have to be Ultra maxed out on this setup..
  10. Lets say we have a car X.
    How fast will it go. 75, 125, 150 or 200km/h?

    Need a bit more info than that. If you play the Sims or Space Invaders across three screens I wouldn't doubt that you could get Ultra settings, but you will get nowhere near Ultra with BF3 or Crysis 2.

    Also FPS above 60 wont lead to any observable performance boost unless you are using 120Hz monitors.
  11. I kind of doubt a 6670 can play any modern games at triple screens... I just mentioned it to show that we needed to know what he was wanting from his setup in order to determine bang for buck... if he just wanted to play minecraft on 3 screens a 6670 would be the way to go :lol:

    On your scale, a 7950 OC'd to 1100/1400 or higher should be fine for "high" and give you really amazing performance/dollar. You may even be able to OC higher than that - some 7950s will get to 1200/1700 if you get a bit lucky on your draw. HWbot currently reports the avg. OC as ~1150/1650.
  12. I just meant to say that recent games don't have to be maxed out.. just not as ugly as low settings, on games like BF of Crysis, medium would be good, maybe high if possible..

    I want it to be above 60, or at 60 cap, but just not below 60. I want to stay at my refresh rates.
  13. Well as stated an OC'd 7950 is more powerful than a stock 7970 GHz edition. To give a rough idea of what that means, consider that the 7970 GHz edition can produce just over 30fps in single player completely maxed out on 3 screens:

    4xAA eats up about half your framerate in that game, so you're probably looking at 55-60fps average in single player maxed out except for MSAA. So in multiplayer, an OC'd 7950 should be completely fine if you turn off MSAA and maybe turn down a couple other settings like Ambient Occlusion.
  14. Seems about enough :p
    I guess the rest of the settings are ultra on this? Or at least high?
    Medium to high on battlefield 3 is enough, without 4xAA or something
  15. kemperkipie said:
    Seems about enough :p
    I guess the rest of the settings are ultra on this? Or at least high?
    Medium to high on battlefield 3 is enough, without 4xAA or something

    Yes that chart reflects the game completely maxed out.
  16. me playing bf3 yea i suck playing with sg and with low ranks but owell that's with the 7970 vapor x settings on bf3 on auto but i change them allot of times to max but not worth getting random lag spike just to have everything @ max
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