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hey guys just got the okay from my dad to build my own pc is this build good?
I have a keyboard and mouse as well as a dvd drive although will be adding a 650 ti and a ssd later on right now just tryign to get the componets that will get it going i have a 2.5 120gb hdd and a 3.5 seagate barracuda 250gb hdd from my old pc ill be using also 250 gb will be used for fraps only the 120gb which is from my dead ps3 hhd works fine still is going to be for os till i get the ssd and the 500 gb will be for the rest like games and photos will do some minor OC since im new to this and i heard ivys get hot so just doing some minor stuff :) will buy a new heatsink to do some 4.0ghz later though going with for my 4.0Ghz overclocking hope that'll do the job tell me what you think about all this plz
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  1. I would go for a fullsize motherboard like the ASRock Extreme4. I would recommend a 7850 over a 650Ti though.
  2. motherboard cpu and case already on they're way sorry didn't mention that but other than that do you think this is sufficient enough to run bf3 on high/ultra along with world of warcraft LoL Amnesia and other games in those guidelines ? oh and what do you think about the hdd setup ima do and the antec waterblock
  3. With a GTX 650 Ti you will not be able to max out BF3 at 1080p. You should always be spending more on the GPU rather than the CPU since most games are bottlenecked by the GPU more than the CPU.

    I don't fully understand why you opened this thread if you've already bought pretty much everything..?
  4. BF3 on high and ultra is not going to run on a 650Ti. That's the only thing I would really change.
  5. well i didn't buy the gpu yet i said i got the motherboard cpu and case would a 660 do?
  6. The 7850 or 7870 would pull it. The 660 and 650Ti aren't the best choices for gaming.
  7. any driver issues with AMD cards?
  8. Everyone seems to assume that, but after owning a 4350, 4650, 4870, 5570, 5670, 5770, 6670, 6750, 6770, 6850, and a 6950, I have never had any non-self induced problems.

    Meaning, the only problem I had was with my 6950, and that was because of something I did, not because of the shoddy drivers that people so think they have.
  9. alrighty just had to ask because seen alot of post saying they had driver issues probably nvidia fans? im not in either section so which would you go for then a 7850 or 7870 and what company would you suggest for amd cards was looking at evga for nvidia but haven't done research on amds
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    I would definitely go for a 7850 or 7870, whatever the budget allows.

    Sapphire and Gigabyte make good cards. Sapphire is usually the cheapest and has nice coolers.
  11. i was looking at this one while i waited for a response and its a sapphire gona be using the hdmi and use a dvi to vga for my second monitor vga one gonna be my web browser screen/stuff liek that its a old dell screen that came with my old pc at 1280xsomthing forgot the exact res but my gaming screen is a asus 1600x900
  12. Should work just fine then. They give you the adapter in the box.
  13. i have one from a macbook pro :) so it acts as a extension cable
  14. Nice.
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