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Hi ppl,

Im intrested in buying a decent graphics card which can do basic video editing, ie transfer video in and out. I want to spend up to £200.

Any advice will be appreciated
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  1. Look at for the best UK help in video editing.
  2. how much is that in us dollar? hehe
  3. <font color=purple>The revolutionary all-in-one 3D, TV and video experience
    Powered by the RADEON™ 8500 GPU
    64MB DDR memory
    Connect a digital camcorder to a PC
    Digital and analog video capture & editing
    Radio-frequency remote control
    Stereo TV-tuner
    TV-ON-DEMAND™ Time shifting
    Interactive Program Guide
    DVD video playback with Dolby® AC-3 digital audio output*
    lble customer service from ATI<font color=purple>
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  4. The next time I will recomend a ATI card for Video editing (Capture out put wise) will be when I will hear Very Good things about ATI tech support.
    Last year I run to get a Radeon 64DDR ViVo, thinking to use it for capturing Mpg1. After a searis of long fights and trying several driver versions I came to a conclusion that it's just not possible to make this cards work. At least not in W2K.
    Trying to contact ATI support is like a joke. You send a Email, and get a automated responce saying somthing like Read the FAQ and if you don't see the answer Email again.
    Then a second Automated responce saying giving you some more totaly un related sulotions saying that if this will not help, suprise suprise - Email us again But preper to wait for about a MONTH !!!

    Finaly I got a responce saying somthing in the lines of "we have no Idea how to solve your problem" !!!

    Since I need this for work and not games I gave the card to the kids that are happy to watch DVD (with lot'S of bugs BTW) and play Pokemon.
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