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Hi guys, would appreciate your help. I am currently looking for a solid reliable build that can last me through for another 5-6 years. Current build is Intel Pentium E2140 @ 1.60GHz,Intel 946GZ Express Chipset Family with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit SP1.
What I would do with my new build will be video streaming,internet browsing,gaming on suitable fps(Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 and GTA IV) and Microsoft office.

I am currently faced with a dilemma looking for a good motherboard and CPU. I am not going to be overclocking and the graphics card that I would like to have is a R7770. By the way screen resolution is 1440 x 900. (On a budget and any R7770 cards to recommend?)

I am not sure of which motherboard to get. Generally I would like USB3 and good components like solid capacitors and etc. I want the most bang for dollar.

Currently, I am unsure of getting Z77X-UD3H with G860 (or should i get a i3? I don't see hyper threading of much use to me) or H77-D3H MVP with G860 [difference between this two bundle is $82]. Thought of getting the Z77X-UD3H because of the 2x copper based design? Is that a marketing ploy I am falling for? Also noticeably on the H77 board there is no heat-sink near the CPU area unlike the Z77 board. Is that of a concern since G860 is 65W and it will probably make the board run hotter than the Ivy-bridge CPUs I assume because of the lower TDW?

Any other recommendations of motherboards and CPUs? Looking at MSI,Gigabyte and ASUS boards only. (Not going to go with other brands as the consumer base for the other brands in my country is small and the reps are not readily available)

Would appreciate your help and many thanks. Oh and yes sorry for my curiosity would an AMD build suit me? If yes do recommend me one with the above stated brands too. Thanks a lot. :D [Looking preferably at ATX board cause I heard they are far more reliable? Is it true?]
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  1. What is the budget?
  2. Sorry not from the states. Looking at SGD $300 to $350 inclusive of motherboard with CPU.
    Gigabyte: Z77X-UD3H+G860 @$310 [I3-3220 at $378 and I5-3330@$460], H77-D3H MVP+G860 @$228, B75M-D3V+G860@ 181, Z77-D3H+G860@$262
    MSI: H77MA-G43+G860@$212, MSI Z77A-G43+G860@$259
    ASUS are pretty expensive not really within my price range I feel. Feel more comfortable with Gigabyte.
  3. cutebeans said:
    What is the budget?

    Also I was looking at an aftermarket cooler since I am looking at long lasting build and the Intel might not do me good for years.
    Would Deep cool Ice Wind Pro be an issue? It is the cheapest I can find as Cooler-master 212s are expensive. The problem is it is bracket mounted and has no back plate support. Would it be rather damaging to my motherboard since 650G of weight is pulling off it with just push pin mounts?

    Oh and should I consider waiting for Haswell? It's only a few months away and LGA1155 is going to die anyway? Any take on it or should I just go ahead with Sandy/Ivy Bridge.
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