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Ok so I am going to be building/upgrading and I thought I'd just ask what people think.

I am stuck between a FX-8320 build or a i7-3820.

The problem is the money, I am in college and am not the richest person walking around....
I honestly don't want someones opinion if they are a fanboy just going to pound about the i7...I own a first gen FX and I loved it, but either way, I am going to do a new build

Here are the part lists:


CPU FX-8320 $180

motherboard 140

Case + PSU 145

RAM 30x2

$435 Total


Motherboard 164

Case + PSU 149

CPU 269

$582 Total
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  1. If these are for gaming, then go for neither. Just go with a nice i5 and a H77 motherboard.

    EDIT: 16GB of RAM is also kinda overkill (I'm not a hypocrite)
  2. well I will be doing some gaming, but I also am a photographer and a computer science major, so I will be doing alot of programing...maybe so 3D modeling.

    I am leaning twards the i7 there, then I can upgrade to a 3930k in the future if I ever need. I know 16gb is overkill, but hey if I can afford it, why not :)
  3. um... don't you need a graphics card for your build?
  4. I am upgrading so I have the RAM, SSD's and the GPU..a 6970
  5. Well, you need socket 2011 anyway to upgrade to the 3930K
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