Can I have some advice on a $1300 Gaming Build

To start off I've done a fair bit of research and some basic upgrades in the past, so there's still a lot I don't know. I'm in Australia so I can't really import anything from overseas sites like newegg, I'd prefer to use either:

Based upon just umart I came up with a build I thought was build I thought was appropriate. However, although I think everything works, I just want to check (I mean just yesterday I thought I could couple an old video card with a new one in SLI...) I'd be using this for CAD modelling/gaming, preferably on the highest settings for current FPS games and skyrim +mods which I gave up on since my old pc still has a Pentium 4 on an 8 year old motherboard I think. It would also be nice if the system lasted a fairly long time before I'm forced to upgrade.

Just a note, I have access to windows 8 and a old dvd drive, I have no real use for a blu-ray one yet.

So my main questions are:
Does it work?
For my requirements, am I shooting too high? What should be downgraded/dropped?
Any feedback about parts that have a bad history would also be great.


I'd like to buy this by the start of December. I'd like to use SLI in the future and overclocking.
I feel like I should also add that from the umart suplier this is a $1270 build at the moment, so keep any changes below $1150 on PCpartpicker.
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    get this instead

    calibrated for australian retailers. up to you if you want to save money using them
  2. the big troll has a pretty decent build as far as i can tell. maybe he could have gone with a cheaper case.

    also, for a build of this price, it's hard not to recommend a SSD.
  3. Thanks a heap both of you, really paying an extra $11 for the 7870 is a bit of a no brainer....
  4. they perform similar but the 7870 can overclock better. also, nvidia cards dont exactly benefit as much as amd cards in terms of overclocking
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