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Hi guys.
I have a little bit of a trouble with my new built. Cpu i5 3579k, MSI Z77A-G42, 2 x 4gb ddr 1600
The problem is that the system doesnt starts. When i hit the pwr starts for 3 sec and then restarts without boot in bios it doesnt even start the monitor.
The psu is a 780w Codegen ( i think is kind of noname) with an adapter 4pin to 8 pin atx. Now i dont know if its the psu or other thing.
Any ideea?
(all the parts are new and brought them from ebay pro sellers)
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  1. yep. no name power supply

    i dont think they have 4pin to 8 pin CPU power adaptors. psus should have a 4+4 or a 8 pin just for the CPU. plug them both in
  2. I've just bought a new psu with 8 pin and it does the same ting. It starts only the cpu cooler for 3 sec and after the sys restarts and do the same till i cut its power.
    Any other ideas?
  3. is it another no name?

    first of all, make sure that the ram goes into the same set of colored slots

    if that doesnt work, try booting with 1 stick of ram at a time
  4. It is a corsair 850w. Yes, i've tested with the ram in that way but no success.
    The only way left is to go these evening at a nearby pc store and make a test for each component
  5. then it is probably the motherboard then
  6. i've managed to test the motherboard with another cpu (a dual core celeron) and it does the same thing, so now the motherboard it's on the way back to the store. all i have to do now is to wait their response (these takes abou 1 week) and the hope they send me another one.
    thanks for your responses, i'll let you know
  7. so in the end it was the processor socket on my mb broken. (it arrived to me this way)
    i've brought a new one msi z77a-g43 and now its all ok

    thank you all for your answers
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