Help me find a decent CPU cooler

so i've already got most of the parts for my new HTPC Gaming machine...

I got the Asus P8Z77-M, Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) (with the tall heatsink) and now i'm trying to figure out which CPU cooler to get...

the problem is that my case is the Silverstone Grandia GD07B which means that I have only 138mm for the CPU cooler but it seems like the Corsair Vengeance RAM might prevent me from using some of the higher quality CPU coolers like Noctua and Scyth Shuriken, etc...

any suggestions?

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  1. Probably should have gotten the low profile RAM, but never mind :)

    Some of the all-in-one water-cooling loops might be worth checking out. While they are often more expensive than their air-cooling counterparts - they will fit what you need..

    - Good cooling
    - RAM heat-sinks wont get in the way
    - The CPU-block sits very low on the motherboard so the size of your case wont matter

    I'm unsure specifically which one's in particular you should be looking at, but with your current requirements - it seems to fit the bill :)
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