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I have recently built a new computer and I've never had a 3 monitor surround setup. My current monitor is a yamakasi catleap Q270 and im using a gtx 660 ti as my gpu. If I were to buy two more of these monitors, then how would I need to modify my setup in order to run these monitors on high settings during games like crisis 2 ( or 3 when it comes out), BF3, AC 3, etc. I would like to keep using my gtx 660 ti but would two of these in SLI be good enough or would it take 3?

Also, since these monitors are running at 2560 x 1440 I have read that it takes a lot of VRAM to run more than one. My current gtx 660 ti has 2gb of ram. If I were to buy a 3gb model from a different manufacturer, i.e. Galaxy instead of Asus, would that give me any benefit and would it be SLI compatible with my current GPU? I wouldn't consider myself a computer genius so any thoughts or corrections would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. I want to add another video card to my system which is made up of only one gtx 660 ti currently. I was looking at a 660 ti made by GALAXY that has 3gb of memory. Would this be compatible with my current card?

    Current card:

    Additional card to add:

    Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
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    SLI Compatibility with GTX 660 ti
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