Cant format a Floppy windows 7

I can read them and write but I cant format floppys seems kinda fail had to burn a cd to run memtest86+ anyone else have this problem?
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  1. I can't check with mine as it doesn't even list my floppy drive I just realised, it hasn't been used in years.
    If you can read and write to them, you can just delete the contents, all floppy disks come preformatted, so there should be no need to format them.
    With 4GB usb sticks being dirt cheap, why mess with floppies. I suspect a new box of foppies probably costs more then a 4GB usb stick and only holds 13.8MB.
  2. I've had the same problems with Windows 7 not formatting, reading, or writing from a floppy drive(internal). It's rather absurd that windows 7 has so many floppy troubles and XP can handle floppies without a hitch. I guess XP is still superior in many respects.

    Why use a floppy?

    Try and flash your BIOS easily without one...My newest MSI board shipped with a very old version of BIOS(newegg) and would not fully recognize the processor. Yes, some MOBO makers do make a tool, but most have high rates of bricking your mobo if the BIOS gets corrupted(MSI tool especially). And trying to flash with a USB is a long and drawn out process and usually does not work.

    So I upgraded back to XP and I was surprised how much snappier(I know it's subjective) the OS is and now my floppy works!! However I still have Win 7 on dual boot so does anyone have any suggestions on a remedy for floppies in Win 7??
  3. In the motherboards bios, in power settings, disable HPET (High Precision Event Timer)
    Save and reboot.
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