C++ for windows 8 error at boot

Im not a programmer, do i need c++? I upgraded to 8 from win 7 where the same error was displayed, why didnt it fix, during install?
32 bit ...
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  1. Don't get your question...
  2. The Stealthinator said:
    Don't get your question...

    Thanks for a reply, sorry i wasnt clear.

    In the old 7 ultimate, I began to get C++ errors, who knows why? it still ran ok.

    Just for the heck of it, I went for the $39. upgrade to Win 8.

    Shortly after booting, I get a box which says C:\pro, terminated in unusual way" C++, contact application admin...(as u may guess no answer forthcoming.)

    Since its used mainly by programmers (I am not) and I also dont use visual c, do I need it ?
    I CAN NOT FIND C:\PRO, anywhere.
    thanks u for your kind aid. I hope this helps
  3. As you did an upgrade to Win8, some programs and drivers aren't backward compatible. They'll need to be reinstalled. Try doing that and see if that helps.

    Yes those C++ applications you see are required by other programs so leave them there.
  4. Try installing the Microsoft Visual C Runtimes from 2005/2008/2010/2012

    Start here for 2005 x86 ..


    Then use the links under "What Other People Are Downloading" for all the other versions. Don't forget that an x64 machine will need both types and do them in year order, example 2005 x86 -> 2005 x64 -> 2008 x86 ......

    Once all installed, W8 should update them with any security updates.
  5. Give the full error message, exactly as shown on screen...
    THE EXACT DIALOG BOX - just after win 8 boots.
    "titled- "Microsoft visual C++ run time library - run time error" - end title
    (RED X is displayed) Program C:\pro ((which I cant find at all- been using windows since version 3!))
    This application has requested the run time to terminate in an unusual way
    Please contact the application support team for more info
    well.....thats it
  7. The Visual C++ run-time is libraries that are required for Windows Applications written in C++ or that contain C++ components. From a programmers point of view, I usually get that error when I don't handle an exception in the code. Make sure you are on the latest version--it might be referring to the actual Windows OS trying to call functions that aren't there since you updated.

    I'm surprised that the installation didn't update them automatically, considering they are dependencies.
  8. i have 7 different c++ files from 05-12??? idk. I did download a package from Microsoft and let it run i guess that installed itself, but since then i get this error...maybe i should un-install 2012 x86 re-distributable? (yes im still 32 bit)

    what in the world is C:pro??? it must be a directory but wont show anywhere LOL
    thank you 2 much again....rick
  9. The only way you are going to fix it is to identify what is throwing the error (it'll be a driver/drive configuration tool, utility, something like that), then remove and re-install; Have you tried looking through Event messages to see if it has been logged.

    The error is probably not caused by the C++ run-time, it's whatever is using it and not terminating correctly.

    "c\Pro" is probably a truncated "c\Program Files\..."
  10. Joe, thanks so much. I have been trying to do this since I built the pc!! NOTHING WAS ON IT! The real killer here is my newsletter, dead works, and years gone !
    Close 2nd is microshit...varied, and false answers. lack of follow up, and then also a few PAID techs, all w/o results.
    (did I say that this pc was made in late October 13? and had 8, and now 8.1 from the start?)
    Logs are there also, but I cant see any path to who(m) is "throwing it"
    Many thanks again my friend
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