Nvidia GTX 550ti with a AMD Athlon 2 XII 245 processor

Hi friends.

Im upgrading my PC because i cant run Guild Wars 2 on ultra, i currently have a nvidia 9500 gt 1gb ddr5, and im upgrading it to a Nvidia GTX 550ti, the problem is my processor, is an AMD Athlon 2 XII 245, so i was wandering if im going to make it with this or it is going to bottle neck my pc or im going to survive and run in ultra the game.

The resolution isnt a big deal i dont have a HD monitor.

ty for ur help!
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  1. Don't get the 550Ti. Its pretty lame for the price. Get the Radeon HD7770 instead. Its quicker, newer, and uses less power.

    What power supply are you running?
  2. Im buying a 650 watts PIXXO something like that, according to this page


    It says gtx550ti is better, why do u think i should get the 7770 hd?

    im at time to order the other one lol
  3. In general I tend to like Nvidia a small bit more, but at your price point AMD is really the way to go. I also vote you get a 7770.

  4. Oh yea and you'll never be able to run gw2 on ultra with that CPU, at least not in the busier places, the main reason being that the game is still sort of messed up, and theres people running 680's with i7 CPU's that can't max it out. My 7770 I usually play with everything on ultra except view distance on high, and shadows on low. But it'll still lag like crazy in wvw, or in certain cities.
  5. morfez said:
    Im buying a 650 watts PIXXO something like that

    Please buy a GOOD power supply. Generally well made ones last longer.


    This website doesnt say anything about performance. Look at these benchmarks:

  6. Ok ill look for it, that the only power suply in the vendor place, do u think the AMD II X2 Athlon is going to make a bottle neck or its ok?
  7. does the gigabyte ga-m68m-s2p supports the gtx550 ti?
  8. It should support the 550Ti, as well as any other modern card on the face of the planet, including the faster 7770.

    Your Athlon should be fine. And are there specifications on that power supply?
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