Dual geforce gtx 560 ti vs gtx 680

I am building a new gaming computer. I have been reading lots of reviews and checking prices for a few weeks. What i have been told so far is to ether get 2 gtx 560 ti or get 1 gtx 680. buying 2 gtx 560ti will cost me only $300 and a 680 will be around $460.00. The game i will be playing most is call of duty black ops 2.
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  1. None of the above :D

    If you are not planning to overclock, a Radeon hd 7870 is an excellent choice for $200


    If you are planning to overclock a gtx 670 can reach 680 speeds for $300


    Also a 670 comes with Assassins Creed 3
  2. Also what is you resolution, because if you are playing at 1280 by 1024, a gtx 670 will be overkill.
  3. 680 hands down. At 1200p very few games will really push it. Metro 2033 and Arma II comes to mind. The rest will be maxed out.
  4. 2x 660 gtx sli
  5. I would not do a lower end sli configuration. I would go for a single 670 or a 680. SLI configurations will make a lot more heat, and you may need to upgrade your power supply to handle 2 hungry cards. Going for a single and more powerful card would also offer you expandability in the future.
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