My new workhorse...

So I am planning a new build :) I'm currently on a 5 year old core2duo and it's crawling too slow sometimes now...

I have recently upgraded the card in it to a GTX560 video card to get a second life. The power supply, a Corsair 520hx, is still kicking. So I'd like to take those into the new system...

Aside from that, I'm thinking of the following. Any thoughts or gotchas are appreciated:

Mobo: ASUS P9X79 PRO
Ram: 32GB Mushkin Blackline Quad channel 994069
CPU: Intel Core i7-3930K
Hard Drives: 2x Samsung 830 256GB (in RAID-0)
Cooling: Thermaltake Water 2.0 extreme
Case: Fractal Design Arc Midi
OS: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit

I am planning to overclock it, but not go crazy. Plan to use it for video work (some after effects, editing, compressing, etc.) and gaming.

I'm familiar enough with these things, but I do not keep up to date with all the advances and tricks that some people here are experts at. I did a ton of homework just to catch up to current offerings.

Besides just general advice, the thing that sits a little uneasy with me is the CPU... it's already a year old. Will I be kicking myself for not waiting a few months for the next best thing (I can't really wait a whole new year.)?

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  1. Oh, also- even if there's nothing wrong with it, I'd really appreciate that confirmation before I pull the trigger :)

  2. Hi.
    Try visiting this site and repeating your build there, to see if everything is compatible.
  3. If your going to be raiding two SSD's together i would avoid a sofware RAID and get either a PCIe controller or make sure your mobo supports hardware RAIDS. I was going to say you don't need that much memory, however i saw you'd be using it mostly for video editing so you actually do need it.

    EDIT: sorry forgot to sign off on your build, it looks good, just keep in mind the RAID issue.
  4. I wouldn't recommend the 3930K to most people due to its price. A 3770 is very good, not too far behind, for half the price.
  5. Thanks y'all

    butremor- I was able to find most parts on that site, all seems good except my sound card (which I'm cool with till the onboard audio dies). Though it didn't list my power supply there :\ Good news is it does list the expected wattage, and it's around 410, so should be fine. Awesome site!

    MotherFerJones- the ASUS P9X79 PRO does support hardware raid-0 I think. From what I understand, RAID-0 is pretty easy to do well... if I was doing RAID-5 or something I'd need a dedicated controller, but I can trust this motherboard's RAID-0? Yeah, I originally was going to get 64 GB of ram but figured I don't need that much, and put the money into the decent cpu cooler instead so I can safely overclock. Will be my first time overclocking :D
  6. FinneousPJ- I hear you, looks like a powerful chip. My hope though is for this machine to last me 3-5 years with a videocard upgrade somewhere along the line. I'd rather spring for a little more at the beginning and get a little more out of it at the back-end. Seems like the 3930k fits that sortof approach.
  7. I understand your thinking but I don't agree. Keeping the 3930K for 5 years will see $200 mainstream CPUs catch up to your $500+ one.
  8. i would stick with a 256GB/128GB SSDs and get a few HDDs instead of going for 2x256GB(even going 1x 512GB SSD is better)
  9. boulbox said:
    i would stick with a 256GB/128GB SSDs and get a few HDDs instead of going for 2x256GB(even going 1x 512GB SSD is better)

    Well he would see an increase in his Read/Write speed if he went with raid 0 instead of 1 SSD, mainly thats the only reason people put SSD's in Raid aside from redundancy with RAID1. It sounds like he was going for the FASTEST possible Read/Write for his video editing, so i would actually recommend Raid 0 for his particular need, given his board supports it. However if he has the extra cash to throw around maybe after a CPU downgrade, i would recommend 2 512GB in RAID 0, if your looking to mess around with full length videos your going to need the space.
  10. there is little to no performance for a raid 0, technically a 256GB SSD is already a 2x128GB in raid 0 for SSD same goes for 512GB SSD.

    the only thing you get for raid 0 SSD is no longer having TRIM which clears up some space and and keeps the SSD up to speed
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