Please help choose new video card for Vista

i need a new video driver board for my Gateway sx2800-01 slim line tower. Best Buy does not have one for slim line. help! thanks!
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  1. what is your budget? since you only have a 220watt psu and the card has to be low profile...this is pretty much the best you can get

    or this is there is room for the fan at the bottom
  2. I wouldn't even trust those to a 220W (though I've ran a 6670 on 220W before)

    What is your budget?
  3. yea it would def be pushing it but I dont think he can upgrade his psu seeing that its such a small form factor

    unless he were to get a new case then the possibilities are endless!.....well almost lol
  4. Thanks! I wanted to spend under $100.00 so i did some searching and found this:

    nVIDIA GeForce 2GB Low Profile Half Height PCI Express x16 Video Graphics Card

    I hope it works. It arrives early next week.
    Did i do wrong?
  5. thats not the whole name of the card...geforce what? maybe post a link
  6. Well, I have no idea what card you bought. There are alot of Nvidia GeForce 2GB cards out there.

    Ironically, we both recommended Radeon cards that would possibly work on there, but you go and order one lol.

    Where and what did you order?
  7. ^^ lol I was gonna be mean and reply "most likely" to his question of did I do wrong but I refrained
  8. you ordered that?!?!?!?!?!?! lol i doubt it bc you said your budget was $100 and that is 1.5gb not 2gb...I think you may have linked us to the wrong product....also side note: never even heard of caliber brand of sparkle??
  9. What? Did you really order that?

    I want one of those for $100 lol.

    I've never heard of that brand either. You must have linked the wrong card.

    EDIT: That looks pretty damn high quality though.
  10. look at the other cards they offer....they got some badass looking cards hahah
  11. lol the fans on this one appear to move? wtf lol
  12. That seems cool and pointless at the same time! I can't believe they are still selling 9600GT's though lol.
  13. I doubt they are.....if you look in the where to buy section its mostly European guess its a European company and they dont still sell them but they still have them on their website like many american vendors.
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