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Looking for help building a PC for under $1k this weekend. For gaming and some video editing. Hoping the 3570k i5 is enough unless someone thinks I need i7 for video editing. Was also looking at the extreme4 but would prefer sturdier build quality. Also trying to decide between 660 ti or 670 (or Radeon). Max $300 on video card. 8gb ram. Case suggestions welcome - but really want to decide on mobo, CPU, video card in this budget.
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  1. I would actually recommend the extremme4 z77 because you get the features of an ASRock board with the performance of z77 and honestly a i5 will support what you are doing fine. But since your gpu budget is 300 you can really only get the 660ti because the 670, the 7950 and the 7970 are all 300+ so if you want to upgrade in the future i recommend the 670 or the 7970 both about $350. As for the 3570k it preforms as good as some i7s when overclocked so when you have a case that cools this well and a nice cooler on the ivy/sandy bridge it will overclock nicely considering they are the coolest thing intel released...
    So the build i would recommend is
    -Coolermaster Hyper212 evo
    -ASRock Extreme4 z77
    -G.Skill Ripjaws 8 gb (2x4gb) 1600 mhz
    -ASUS 660ti 2gb dual fan cooled
    -Western Digital Blue 1 tb
    -Lite-On DVD Burner
    -Corsair TX750M
    -Zalman z9
    total: $965.91
  2. Thx for response - looks like I can get a 7950 for $300 - or a 7870 for $240. What do you think?
  3. I would get the 7870 and overclock it and save $60.
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  5. I'd go 7950 to future proof but it's up to you. The 7950 is better than the 660 Ti per a similar price point.

    Check out my $1000 build here:
    It's a pretty solid build per the fact that you also get an SSD as a boot drive (A 128gb Samsung 830 to be exact) and you get everything you need.

    Or if you want to save a little and go with the 7870, which is more than capable especially if you overclock it. Check out my $850 build here:
  6. Looks like i7 is only 60 more than the i5 right now - worth it?
  7. are you a hardcore video editor ? if though i will come back with a nice build with i7 id you are just video editing for fun and more intensive in gaming so yea the 3570k will do more than you need.
  8. Somewhat worth it. If you don't plan on doing any hardcore video editing, the i5 3570K will be more than enough, if you start to notice some lag or something, overclock the i5 3570K slightly to roughly 4.3ghz~4.5ghz and you'll see a pretty noticeable increase in smoothness. OCing the i5 3570K and utilizing the potential will really save you those $60.
  9. Thx folks - What about extreme4 vs ud5h (+$45) vs p8z77-v (+$55)?
  10. just stick with extreme4 for your budget
  11. Just stick with the Extreme4, it's good enough to match up to the big boy mobos that are overpriced.
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