New PSU and GPU, No Signal on LCD

I was all excited today about upgrading my pc since it is my first time upgrading it myself and whatever.
But when I turn on the computer.. Nothing happens to the monitor.
All the other parts on the computer are on/running. I've tried removing RAM, replugging hdd and stuff, trying my previous card, and no luck :/

Please help, sorry if this is in the wrong section :(
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  1. Your full system specs please.
    Did you just upgrade the PSU and VGA only? Have you installed the proper connectors for both the Motherboard and PCIE power connectors for the VGA card?
  2. Quote:
    Could be a lot of different things. Start simple though. What card and PSU did you get? Did you remove the driver for the graphics card first? How far do you get into the booting process? Were you using another discrete card or onboard video? You did connect the monitor to the new card, instead of the motherboard video, right?

    Found the problem, I got these so called "post beeps" and I am 99% sure it is my PSU. I removed everything but the PSU [of course] and I still get the beeps.
    Well, guess I have to wait another 5 days because I got sent a faulty unit. Thanks, Tigerdirect.
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