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I am looking towards building a Gaming pc, My budget is $650-$700, I would love for someone to help me pick out parts(Motherboard, memory, gpu, etc.) I would like this Pc to be able to run skyrim on medium or high settings running at 40-60 fps and other games on kinda medium or high settings such as DayZ mod, Battlefield 3, etc. I am really really new to PC building, this would be my first attempt to build one , Yet again i would appreciate for someone to help me, Thanks
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  1. I would like to have An AMD processor
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    Check out my $650 build here:
    Per your price point, it'd be better to get a better GPU rather than CPU. The 7870 will run those games easy on High settings and the FX-6300 can keep up. Another thing, the FX-6300 can overclock, something that Intel chips around its price point cannot offer which gives it a slight performance boost if you wanted to.

    What I'm talking about:

    In BF3 or highly graphics intensive games, the performance difference at 1080P cannot even be noticed.
    As you can see, in BF3 the FX-8350 performs as well as the i5 3570K, also in terms of performance the FX-8350 is great especially in daily apps.
  3. Could you help me pick out the motherboard that keeps up with the gpu and cpu?
  4. The motherboard, GPU, and CPU are in the build guide:
  5. oh..Alright, Thank you. Is there anything you recommend?
  6. Umm not really, everything I would recommend is in my build guide that I linked you to. If you're confused at which GPU to get brands wise, Sapphire is usually a safe bet. Or typically any non-reference 7870 at the lowest price will be great.
  7. Alright, thank you, if i have anymore questions could i send you a message?
  8. Yeah no probs! Totally, it'd be fine. Close out the thread with a best answer :)
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