Asus Ati Radeon 7970 directcu ii dvi not working

I have just bought a Asus Ati Radeon 7970 directcu ii and 1 of the dvi ports just doesn't want to work it is conected to a dvi to vga adapeter as my screens are vga only. i have tired different adapters and vga cables but that defently not the issue as one of the dvi's works just fine with either of the screens the other just doesn't anyone have any ideas on how to fix this.

asus crosshair v formula motherboard
amd fx 8150 3.6ghz not oc yet :)
Asus Ati Radeon 7970 directcu ii
samsung 830 128gb ssd boot drive
2 500gb seagate barracuda in raid 0
1 westerndigital caviar green 2 tb
1 500gb seagate
2 hp l1706 monitors
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  1. So are you saying that no matter what you connect to one of the output ports on the card, you do not get anything on the screen? Or is it that you can only get one monitor to work, but it can be connected to either port?
  2. one dvi works fine i can use either monitor with it while the other dvi neither work with either it 1 or both monitors plugged in
  3. i just tried the same port with a dvi to hdmi and it worked i got a signal to my tv but not when i use a dvi to vga which is quite strange
  4. So just to be absolutely sure I'm understanding you. One port does not work with a DVI-VGA adapter, but that same port worked when you used a DVI-HDMI adapter?
  5. I have the latest driver's and i have looked in the ccc and the second monitor just in not there and and also looked in control panel and the second screen just is not there to be activated
  6. yes the one port worked with the dvi to hdmi but not with a dvi to vga which i just cant understand and i have tired a different adapted but it still doesnt work
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