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Hi, I recently received a Compax Presario SR2020NX that was given to me from my parents. I was already planning on building my own PC, but since this was handed down to me I'm just trying to find out if there is any possible way for me to just buy new parts and place it into this computer. I'm new to this so would like some insight. My primarily focus is wanting to be able to play PC games at a pretty good setting without any struggle. (COD, Skyrim, Final Fantasy XIV)

Compax Presario SR2020NX specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2 gzh
Nvidia GeForce 6150 LE - PCI slot
512 MB Ram - Maximum 2GB
160 GB HD
MB is Asus A8M2N - LA
Power Supply is 250W

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  1. If you replace the PSU, max out the RAM and put a HD 6670 graphics card in there you might manage COD on higher settings but you would have to play Skyrim on the lowest possible settings.
  2. The short answer is no , not really

    Its too old and too many things need to be replaced
  3. If you have $300+, you could build a MUCH better system based on the Pentium G630 or something.
  4. I kinda figured it was too old to work with.
    What parts would I need to build something like that? I really want something that can handle most of these games with ease.
  5. Depends on the budget but the cheapest I would go with is:

    Pentium G630
    2x2GB 1333Mhz RAM 1.5v
    H61 Motherboard
    HD 6670 1GB
    Cheap 320-500GB HDD
    300W+ PSU
    Case of Choice

    That would bring you to about $300 and would probably play CoD on High settings and Skyrim on low-medium or something.
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