Help me choose between these two GPUs

alright, so im looking to upgrade from my 560 SE to something more powerful. the two cards im looking at are the Radeon HD 7970 and the GTX 670. which do you guys recommend? also recommend a specific brand :P for the GTX ive been eyeing a EVGA FTW edition, and for the 7970, ive been looking at the 3 gig Sapphire OC version. i would like to be able to play Crysis 3 when it comes out, and the 560 SE just wont cut it. i know its impossible to prepare for a game that the specs havent been revealed on, but oh well :P
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  1. i luv me sum 670....but the 7970 is a better card......

    new egg has an MSI Lightning for 380 openbox RIGHTNOW....120dollar discount
  2. i like the 670s price in comparison, but what is the performance difference between the two? also, just think im going to add: budget is no issue. i will not skip out on the better card just becuase of price :P
  3. badtaylorx said:

    i have actually been looking at this model of 7970, its my second place. what exactly does open box mean tho? returned? damaged packaging? salesfloor display at one point? and the things im looking to play vary: Battlefield 3, MW3, StarCraft II, Resident Evil ORC (dont judge me :P), Blacklight Retribution, Warface (upon release), Crysis 1 and 2, etc. a few are nvidia optimized, and a few arent lol which performs better in this group overall?
  4. open box could be a return...demo for video...anything really can return it tho if it is not to your

    optimazations mean nothing to a beast card....high end 7970/680

    that card wont last long'll sell tonight


    gone....... :cry:
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