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Hello all!
I Built a computer about a year ago. I have been having trouble deciding what exactly I would like to upgrade in my rig. Input would be much appreciated
Das Rig:
Asrock Z68 extreme 3 gen 3
MSI 560ti hawk 1gb
8gb Corsair Vengeance low profile
750w PC Power and Cooling
128gb OCZ Vertex 4
Monitor: ASUS 24" 1080p

I would like to either upgrade to a GTX 670 or add another 560ti Hawk. My future plans include getting another two 1080p monitors to play games like bf3 or Skyrim in triple monitor resolutions. Suggestions?
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    Hah your rig is near identical to mine, just a generation behind. I recently upgraded my hawk and couldnt bring myself to move away from MSI gear. I was told a jump to a 670 wouldnt be that noticable so should get a 680, but that was just the store owner trying to make a buck. I got a 670 Power edition, which is about 5% slower than a 680. Good value right there. My 3dMark11 score went from approx 6000 to approx 9000. Decent gain right there. The twin frozr 4 is also quieter than the 3.
  2. I should add i dont play on three monitors however, but it does crysis 2 on ultra at 60fps and runs at 50-60% usage if i limit it at 60 fps.
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